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Materials for one Fursuit-head (for animatronics add servo-motors):

  • Plastic mesh (Marley's poly-net leaf guard system, 2m)
  • Cabletie (short and thinn, 200 Pcs)
  • Plaast or Fimo Soft (2x black, 1x white)
  • Standard elastic (10m)
  • Aluminum (100x14x2mm)
  • Aluminum rod (100x6mm diameter)
  • Seam binding black (satin, 2m)
  • Rope (5mm thick, a meter-long)
  • Sew-On-Snaps 9mm diameter (20 Psc)
  • Sew-On-Snaps 21mm diameter (5 Psc)
  • Transparent colored plastic film
  • Plastic hemispheres (2 balls)
  • Spring steel wire 1mm diameter
  • Bicycle brake cables (one 1m long cable per animatronic feature)
  • Window Color black (contour color)
  • Window Color White or white fluoescent paint
  • Foam mat (50x50x1cm)
  • Thin fabric and sewing thread
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