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Here are some pictures from my first rat puppet - Cornelius Hunting AKA Void.

I made him for the Eurofurence 17 Pawpet-Show. He was one of the main characters in the show. http://daily.eurofurence.org/ef17/sun/17_sun_1.html

Lynard played him in the show and took him home afterwards. This is how I made the puppet:

First I made a prototype for the puppet with plastic mesh, cable ties, aluminum profile and duct tape - based on a simple sketch I drew.

The awesome artist Henrieke Goorhuis (http://henriekeg.blogspot.com/) drew the final shape of the puppet over the photo in which I have tested the playability of the hand puppet, and thus given me a very good template for further construction. The prototype head had already been in the desired shape and is made of very durable material - that's why it was not rebuilt. The prototype body was only meant to test the proportions - I've cut the foam based in it's measurements. A plastic mesh construction for the body would become too uncomfortable for the puppeteer.

The wire in the hands should be folded at the end (and each finger covered in thick fabric or leather), because it can happen that the wire goes through the foam if the finger is bend several times to other positions. The foam is from a cheap foam mat (2Euro). I used black industrial hot glue (which remains as flexible as rubber).

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